Monday, 5 March 2012


In creating my "back in time" album, I used at least two different paper packs and still there were not enough "different" papers that co-ordinated in order to ensure there were no duplicate future I think I will make smaller albums....need so much paper considering there are 12 "units" and each one of them uses at least 10 different papers!....I have also purchased individual sheets that I thought might match somewhat....but there are only so many black/caramel/cocoa/cream type papers out there....I already had plenty of black/white papers in my stash whose patterns would go beautifully with the theme, but the white was just too stark....I must have tried more than 20 different inks, sprays, etc. to try and touch up the white to blend better....almost gave up....then EUREKA I finally found two that blended at least I can use up some of these papers in my stash and stop buying more pads or individual sheets, especially when I only want a little piece from them!

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