Sunday, 24 February 2013


OMG!....finally finished this perpetual calendar board which measures approx. 11x22....the design is courtesy of Kathy (paperphenomenon) with just a few is very chipboard cutting, edge distressing; fussy cutting intensive!....not only are there 12 different monthly heading tiles (which are attached using magnets) and 31 date tiles, but for each month there are an additional 11 to 14 picture tiles depending on the no. of days in the month, so that there will always be a total of 42 tiles on the board (a total of 170 tiles measuring 2x1-1/2")...then there are also 6 decorative tile strips dividing the weeks for each of the 12 months which are also attached using magnets...instead of printing out the numbers for the days in the month, I used die cut chipboard numbers to give the tiles a bit more dimension.....WHEW....went through a couple of cutting blades and three foam distress pads....BUT I love it!....think it turned out quite nicely....I still have to finish up the storage area on the back which holds all of the various monthly tiles.....


  1. Wow, looks awesome! Love you new Jazz, too.
    Hugz, Z

  2. This is amazing! Love it.

    Hugs, Dawn